Family Command Centre: Notice Board

Notice board Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Interior Design

Family Command Centre: Notice Board

Our daughter Emma started school in September, and that forced us parents to become a bit more organised than we had been until now. When she was at the nursery, we had the flexibility to take Emma there in the morning as well as collect her in the evenings at the times of our choosing. Suddenly, we needed to be at school at a specific time in the morning and in the afternoon for collection. And as if remembering to get to school on time wasn’t enough, there were library books, water bottles, PE kits, etc to remember.

I couldn’t really rely on my memory on this: on a busy morning I can hardly tell what day it is, let alone if it’s the day to take the library bag back to school! So what we needed was a notice board. One where you can both write stuff (and erase when not needed anymore) and attach birthday invitations, etc. My husband and I have an online calendar that we share (so we know each other’s commitments and whereabouts), but I wanted a calendar in the kitchen as well, so that, while getting ready for the day, I can see what is planned for the current week and month.

I found this one in Not on the High Street and really liked it:

The Metal House memo board

Unfortunately the size (W60cm x H33cm x D7cm) wasn’t quite right for me, but I did like the idea of having a special place for all the post as well.

A magnetic whiteboard seemed to tick the boxes. I wasn’t keen on the metal frame though – that would remind me too much of an office.

I found a frameless whiteboard from Ikea and the size was just right. At the top I have written things that need to happen every week. Below I have printed out our online calendar and attached it to the notice board. All invitations and other useful information can also be magnetically pinned to the notice board. The Pluggis container set is for the marker pens, magnetic pins and post, also from Ikea.

Notice board Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Interior Design


Notice board - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Interior Design

So here we are. I almost feel like an adult now, with a proper notice board and all 🙂

If you feel your home would benefit from a pair of professional eyes to make sure it’s practical for you and your family, press here to book a meeting. I would love to help!

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