Only a week before the recent attacks in Paris, my family and I spent a glorious weekend in the city, visiting relatives. The weather was exceptionally warm for late October (+22C), and we enjoyed sitting in cafés and watching our daughter play in the playground with her cousins.   The contrast between that happy weekend and the terror of the following weekend couldn’t have been greater. But instead of the Parisians feeling defeated and being afraid of going out anymore, they seemed to be even more determined to continue life as usual. Their answer to the terrorists was clear: you will not rule our lives!

House Tour - The Grove in Cromer - Aaltonen Interiors Recently I spent a wonderful weekend in Cromer on the Norfolk coast with my family. It was the best weekend holiday I’ve had in a long time! First of all, I love the sea. I love the smell of the sea, I love the sound of the waves, I love looking at it, I love swimming in it (when the water is warm, I might add). Being by the seaside always makes me happy. Secondly, the Grove, where we stayed at (, was an amazing find (thanks hubs!)!