How to Use Colour in a Scandinavian Style Home Interior - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design There seems to be a misconception that a Scandinavian style interior has to be completely white. Sure, white colour plays an important role in a Scandinavian style interior, but other colours are allowed as well! It’s not really about the colours you use, it’s about using them in a way that creates a clear, crisp and harmonious (versus dark and oppressive or too colourful) look for the interior.

30+1 Brands to Buy Cushions From Cushions are an easy way to bring colour and patterns to your home interiors. Keep to your neutral colour scheme or add a splash of your favourite colour; or add one crazy cushion as a surprise element! Experiment with different textures to give depth to your interior.   To get you started I have made a list of 30+1 best brands to buy cushions from. Most of these brands sell other home interior accessories as well, so you can use this list to explore any accessories.

Area Rugs to Go with Your Scandi Home - Aaltonen Interiors Since wooden floors are the most common type of flooring in Scandinavian interiors, area rugs are very important: they add a bit of texture, patterns and colours to create that very personal and homely feeling. They also have a couple of huge advantages over carpets: they are easy to clean, wash and maintain; it is also easy to swap them around or out when you want a change!