Living room

I love white walls, but the current set-up where our TV screen is on a white wall, just doesn’t work. The TV jumps out and becomes the focal point of the wall, and let’s face it, the screen really isn’t much to look at.  As a result, that side of the room just looks a bit empty and boring. So something needs to be done.

Happy New Year 2016!   I’m slightly obsessed about following the weather. I blame the Finnish climate where knowing the outside temperature is part of survival. I need to have an outside thermometer (that I check first thing in the morning in order to know what to wear) and I love my rain gauge. Isn’t it fascinating that sometimes you think there’s been lots of rain and it only adds up to 2 mm? And sometimes there is this gentle mild rain that goes on for the whole day and suddenly there is 5 mm of rain?   Ok, so you may not think this fascinating in the least and I do understand, but even if you are not fascinated about the weather, you may find these gadgets interesting.

How to Use Gold in Scandinavian Style Interiors - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interiors Copper and silver go really well with Scandinavian style interiors, but what about gold? The problem with gold (as a metal and as a colour) is that it easily looks very tacky and very bling. Neither of which are what Scandinavian interiors are about!   You may have heard that Cherished Gold is the Dulux colour of the year 2016, so gold is definitely coming back to interiors. But how to incorporate gold into a Scandinavian style interiors? It’s not really that bad! Let me show you how to do it!