I love white walls, but the current set-up where our TV screen is on a white wall, just doesn’t work. The TV jumps out and becomes the focal point of the wall, and let’s face it, the screen really isn’t much to look at.  As a result, that side of the room just looks a bit empty and boring. So something needs to be done.

I am so ready for the summer, bring it on! I’m dreaming about endless hot days, when nothing much happens; reading in the hammock, barbequing, swimming, and playing cards on the terrace. I can’t wait!   White and blue is just the right colour combination for those hot summer days. The combination feels refreshing and cool, just like water in the sea. And the end result is very Scandinavian, just the way I like it :-)

How to Use Gold in Scandinavian Style Interiors - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interiors Copper and silver go really well with Scandinavian style interiors, but what about gold? The problem with gold (as a metal and as a colour) is that it easily looks very tacky and very bling. Neither of which are what Scandinavian interiors are about!   You may have heard that Cherished Gold is the Dulux colour of the year 2016, so gold is definitely coming back to interiors. But how to incorporate gold into a Scandinavian style interiors? It’s not really that bad! Let me show you how to do it!

10 Ways of Using Lego in Your Home Interior - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design   The weather in the UK is grey and rainy right now, so I wanted to write a blog that has lots of bright colours to cheer us all up.   I know that many parents now associate Lego with the unbearable pain you get when you step on the pieces. But let’s forget all about that and concentrate what’s so great about it. It’s all about building things! Building whatever you can imagine and in bright colours! I love Lego! No-one said that Lego was restricted just for children, so here are some things you might want to build as an adult. From small projects to big ones. Take your pick!