10 Ways of Using Lego in Your Home Interior - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design   The weather in the UK is grey and rainy right now, so I wanted to write a blog that has lots of bright colours to cheer us all up.   I know that many parents now associate Lego with the unbearable pain you get when you step on the pieces. But let’s forget all about that and concentrate what’s so great about it. It’s all about building things! Building whatever you can imagine and in bright colours! I love Lego! No-one said that Lego was restricted just for children, so here are some things you might want to build as an adult. From small projects to big ones. Take your pick!

Nightlights for Children's Bedrooms - Aaltonen Interiors Finding nightlights for children’s bedrooms can be a tall order, especially if you are trying to find something that would also please adults’ eyes. There are so many eye-sores out there! I’m not saying that your child’s room should look like a cool adult space – not at all! My point is that even a child’s bedroom can, and should, look nice and that it’s worth putting some effort into designing its interior.

It’s the time of April showers! I’m personally ok to spend a few rainy days on a playground if properly dressed, but I do have my limits. But then again, staying indoors can drive both me and my two year old mad; especially if I try to convince her to read books and make puzzles the whole day. She needs action! So I started looking for playroom ideas for active toddlers. Here are some of my findings – see if you could use some of these ideas to avoid cabin fever during the April showers :-)