How to Design Your Scandinavian Home Without Breaking the Bank


Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Interior Design Cambridge Interior designers don’t design just indoor spaces. More and more people also want their outdoors spaces to be beautiful and practical. This blog post is about my personal holiday design project.   My summer house in Finland has a good sized covered terrace, but until now I hadn’t really got around to doing much about it (you know how they say that “cobbler’s children have no shoes”…). My goal was to create a practical “exterior” design: very low maintenance and in keeping with the 1970’s style of the house and country life.

Interior Designer Secrets to Small Spaces - Aaltonen Interiors It goes without saying that having a small space requires advanced skills in space planning. Making it functional is a challenge, but not “mission impossible”. There is an old saying that size doesn’t matter. And if everything works, it really doesn’t! Apply these simple rules and enjoy your space!

Red as accent colour - Aaltonen Interiors July is for red roses and red strawberries and therefor red is also my chosen Accent Colour of the Month. Red is an energizing colour, a colour of passion and excitement. It can feel quite overwhelming in home interiors if used too much, so using it as an accent colour makes perfect sense.

Green Accent Colour - Aaltonen Interiors My interior design style is all about creating a neutral background and then adding colour to it with textiles and accessories. The advantage of this approach is that the look stays balanced and the chosen accent colour really stands out from the neutral background. It is also easy to change the feel of the room by simply re-accessorising, instead of re-doing the whole interior.

Nightlights for Children's Bedrooms - Aaltonen Interiors Finding nightlights for children’s bedrooms can be a tall order, especially if you are trying to find something that would also please adults’ eyes. There are so many eye-sores out there! I’m not saying that your child’s room should look like a cool adult space – not at all! My point is that even a child’s bedroom can, and should, look nice and that it’s worth putting some effort into designing its interior.