How to Design Your Scandinavian Home Without Breaking the Bank


Revamp Your Hallway for the Autumn - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design   Sooner than you think or want, coats, wellies, hats and gloves will take over your hallway again. Don’t let the autumn surprise you this time! I have collected hooks and storage items so you will be ready to tame the chaos.

10 Kitchen Towels That Are So Stylish You Will Want to Leave Them Out to Show - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design   Kitchen towels? Really? Can it get any more boring than that?? Bear with me and try not to fall asleep! The thing is, we all need them, so wouldn’t it be great if your kitchen towels looked nice and reflected the same style as the rest of your interior? The high street shops seem to have a secret agreement that they all offer the same old stripy or squared ones and, if I’m honest, I’ve had enough of those ones. Surely there must be something else as well!

7 Contemporary Looking Children's Bunk Beds - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design A bunk bed is handy if you only have a limited space. It’s great for sleep overs and for your holiday home. Here are my best finds, all in the spirit of Scandinavian style interior design, as you would expect.

30+1 Brands to Buy Cushions From Cushions are an easy way to bring colour and patterns to your home interiors. Keep to your neutral colour scheme or add a splash of your favourite colour; or add one crazy cushion as a surprise element! Experiment with different textures to give depth to your interior.   To get you started I have made a list of 30+1 best brands to buy cushions from. Most of these brands sell other home interior accessories as well, so you can use this list to explore any accessories.

Using tiles in home interiors Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design There are so many beautiful tiles out there, but tiling your whole house isn’t usually a good idea. You can, however, use your favourite tiles in other ways in your home interiors. Never throw away excess tiles! If you don’t have any use for them, one of your friends might be looking for some for a DIY project.