How to Design Your Scandinavian Home Without Breaking the Bank


It’s the time of April showers! I’m personally ok to spend a few rainy days on a playground if properly dressed, but I do have my limits. But then again, staying indoors can drive both me and my two year old mad; especially if I try to convince her to read books and make puzzles the whole day. She needs action! So I started looking for playroom ideas for active toddlers. Here are some of my findings – see if you could use some of these ideas to avoid cabin fever during the April showers :-)

As in so many other areas of life, when it comes to home decorating, the devil is in the detail. You may have all the right furniture, perfect colour scheme and great flow in the room, but without attention to the details, the outcome can feel impersonal. Here are some super easy washi tape ideas to add some personal touches to your home.

Finding The Perfect Cupboard is very difficult, if not impossible. It’s far easier to find something very ordinary and boring. Luckily it’s surprisingly easy to turn an ordinary cupboard into something more exciting. Most of these DIY tips are so easy that they are within the reach of anyone, even those who don’t particularly consider themselves as DIY people, so keep reading!

A small hallway is a challenge to furnish and a cluttered hallway can be quite unwelcoming. The problem is at its peak at winter time, when you need to find a place for all those big coats, hats, gloves, shoes, scarves, etc.

As TV sets get bigger, more and more people are looking for solutions to hide them. Many feel that they would like something else than the big black screen to be the main focal point of their living room. Flat TV screens have also given us more possibilities to put them in places where the old “fat” ones wouldn’t have fitted and that way also more possibilities of having them out of sight when not used.

In the past ten years, I have moved homes 6 times. In fact, I just moved again two weeks ago. I have moved between flats that I rented and flats that I bought, renovated and then sold. Most of my belongings ended up in storage three times in the process. In fact, most of my belongings are in storage in Finland right now!