How to Design Your Scandinavian Home Without Breaking the Bank


If I’m honest, I didn’t even remember that there was a thing called a desk pad. Until I bought a new desk for my 5 year old and this happened:

You didn’t think I would spend the whole summer in Finland and not blog about saunas? :-D As you probably know, even today, sauna is almost like a sacred place for Finns. You don’t talk loud in a sauna and there is a sense of respect for the place.

Patterns are a great way of adding interest to an interior. I love graphic patterns in black and white, but also in bold colours. Both of which are very typical in modern Scandinavian prints. As I was looking the print fabrics that I have in our own home, I suddenly realised that many of them are from a Finnish textile company Finlayson. It’s not something that was planned, but clearly, I must like their prints!

Our Christmas Holiday in Finland - Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design Happy New Year 2017! I hope you had a good break!   As always, we spent our Christmas holiday at our cottage in Finland. When we first arrived, there was no snow. It was a huge disappointment, but that’s how it is in Southern Finland these days: no guarantee of snow. Instead, we had an amazing surprise waiting for us.

Can I just start by saying that I LOVE Christmas! It’s definitely my favourite time of the year. I love writing Christmas cards, decorating the house and filling the house with the smell of gingerbread and mulled wine (or glögi as we say in Finland). As...

Our daughter Emma started school in September, and that forced us parents to become a bit more organised than we had been until now. When she was at the nursery, we had the flexibility to take Emma there in the morning as well as collect...