How to Design Your Scandinavian Home Without Breaking the Bank


I love lighting up candles and tea lights at wintertime and that’s why we always have a matchbox next to the candles. But isn’t the matchbox just so ugly? I know I’m exposing my craziness here, but it really did bother me. So time for a quick matchbox makeover!

I love white walls, but the current set-up where our TV screen is on a white wall, just doesn’t work. The TV jumps out and becomes the focal point of the wall, and let’s face it, the screen really isn’t much to look at.  As a result, that side of the room just looks a bit empty and boring. So something needs to be done.

It’s time for us to get new plates at home! We need normal plates (25/26 cm ones), deep plates and salad plates. The problem is that there are so many beautiful ones to choose from out there!

If I’m honest, I didn’t even remember that there was a thing called a desk pad. Until I bought a new desk for my 5 year old and this happened:

You didn’t think I would spend the whole summer in Finland and not blog about saunas? :-D As you probably know, even today, sauna is almost like a sacred place for Finns. You don’t talk loud in a sauna and there is a sense of respect for the place.