5 Things to Consider when Decorating Your Holiday Home

5 Things to Consider when Decorating Your Holiday Home

As you may know, I did a mini kitchen make-over in my summer cottage this summer (if you missed it, you can read my blog post here) and that project made me think about what really is important in a holiday home. So whether you already have a holiday home or you have just bought one or you are just dreaming of buying one, these are my top 5 tips to consider when decorating your holiday home.

1. Make sure you have enough storage

Nothing is more annoying than spending your holiday climbing over suitcases and other bags that fill the floor space, trying desperately to find your clothes from the suitcases. Maybe you don’t have a place to put big suitcases in, but buying a bed that is tall enough to store them underneath is an option.

It’s also nice to be able to unpack your clothes from the suitcase. Drawers are great, but make sure you also have space for hanging clothes. If you don’t have enough space for a cupboard, add some good looking wall hooks and coat hangers.

Building under seating storage is a clever way to add storage when you don’t have much floor space.

under seating storage

2.    Make your holiday home different from your home


A holiday home is a great opportunity to try a different style of decorating, so don’t make it a copy of your home. Your holiday home may be in a different part of the country or even in a different country! The style of the building itself may be different from your home and you probably do different things when on a holiday. Embrace these differences and remember to take them into account when decorating your holiday home.

As an example, I’m probably the least romantic person on Earth (just ask my half French husband!), but somehow things like flowery wallpaper have found their way into my summer cottage. Something I could never even consider having in my home! There is something about my summer cottage that really calls for more romantic take on the interiors and I’m happy to respect that.

Summer Cottage Aaltonen Interiors Scandinavian Style Interior Design

3.    Make the space work for you


What do you do when you are at your holiday home? For example, if you eat out almost every day, make sure the size of the kitchen reflects that. The space is better used for something else. Equally, if cooking dinners for family and friends and spending time with them around the dinner table is your holiday pleasure, then replace your sofas with a big dinner table and comfortable dining chairs.

I don’t know why we still think that every home needs to have a TV. If you don’t spend time watching TV on your holiday, then just get rid of it and use the space for extra seating.


4.    Make full use of bedrooms


If you are hoping to have family and friends visiting you, create as much space for sleeping as possible. Sofa beds are practical, but if you place them in the living room they don’t really provide any privacy for your guests. Think about your visitors: are single beds more useful than a double bed? If you need a double bed, would a smaller one (120 cm wide, for example) be big enough?

Bunk beds are great if you have children visiting you.  Children love them and for an odd night they are ok for adults as well. There are also bunk beds where the lower bed is 120 cm wide so you can have one person sleeping in the upper bed and 2 people sleeping in the lower one.

bunk bed

A good alternative for a bunk bed is a single bed where there is another bed underneath that you can pull out when you have a visitor.

5.    Clear the clutter and surround yourself with things you love


You don’t actually need that much stuff in your holiday home, so keep it to the minimum.

People often feel that it doesn’t really matter what kind of furniture you have in your holiday home. Things I hear people say are “we don’t spend that much time there anyway”, “it’s only our holiday home”, “we don’t like the furniture, but then we don’t need to worry about children climbing all over them”.

I have been guilty of this myself, so I should know. I also know that once you let go of this attitude and let yourself decorate your holiday home with things you love, you will enjoy it so much more!

If you think your holiday home could use some TLC, now is a good time to start planning. Press here to book a meeting, I would love to help!


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